Publish a book in under 72 hours


Publish your book in our 7-day challenge with assistance from AI. Whether you’re a coach/consultant or a professional writer, having a book will position you as an authority in your industry and builds rapport with your audience. Now with Jarvis, you can go from blank page to published in 7 days.

1. Have an idea

Having a title in mind helps but not necessary to start. If you don't have a title in mind, try to think through your ideal end result. What are you hoping the book will do for you? Your business? Your life?

2. Build an outline

Once you've got an idea, you can start building out a rough outline. Use the blog post outline template or even the persuasive bullet points template inside your app if you need some other ideas on your journey.

Using the tool Blog Post Outline in Conversion AI, input a title or topic. Jarvis will give a bullet outline of how the blog post could flow. You can also ask it a question like 'What is Amazon copywriting' and Jarvis will give sentences that can act as prompts for different sections of the book outline.

🚨 We recommend opening up a google doc side by side with your app so you can build out your content in a more efficient way.

3. Favorite, copy, paste, repeat

Inside your app, use the ⭐ Favorite button to save what you love. Then copy and paste the top outline topics and prompts from this into a google doc.

When you do this you should see now have a better idea how the book will start and end. This can be done for the high level view for the entire book right down to each chapter.

Pro tip: Try not to clutter up the doc with too many ideas that are similar - this will save you time spent editing out stuff in the long run.

Now, looking at the posts and prompts that Jarvis has helped you collect, think of how the Table of Contents will look in the book and build out the skeleton of the Table of Contents.

Now that this is done, and you have identified what each chapter or core section of the book is going to be about, turn each one of them into Heading 1 so that it appears on the Document Outline and makes it easy to jump back and forth between sections as the book expands.

As the book grows and you have sub sections inside of chapters that you want to build content around, turn those into Heading 2 so you can easily categorize and jump around when needed.

4. Add more detail with the sentence expander template

Now that you've got the outline of the book built, it's time to hop back in Conversion AI and open the Sentence Expander template.

Take the chapter and section outlines that you made in your Google doc and start putting them into sentence expander, in the tone you want, and build out paragraphs of content with this. Once you find the content that flows with your book structure, add them into the Google doc.

Then as you wrap up each section and chapter, go to PAS framework template and/or AIDA framework template to open up each chapter, section, paragraph and build them out to perfection.

Once this is done using Jarvis, you should be spending more thought process on tweaking, adjusting, rewriting parts, taking fluff out, and aligning the tone of the writing to mirror the voice you want the book to read in.

This is where your personality can shine through. It does not have to replace what Jarvis wrote obviously. A little spice here and there and your own expertise will make your words come out more naturally.

5. Edit, get feedback and edit some more

Once your rough draft is done, it's time to edit. I recommend working with an editor or someone who is familiar with you and what you are writing about. This way, they can give honest feedback on how it reads, what makes sense and what to expand on.

6. Finalize the title

Go back in with their feedback, make edits, and finalize what the content will be.

Don't forget to write out a paragraph for the back cover of the book, an 'about the author' bit of content, any dedications or acknowledgements you want to include.

7. Make your graphics

Now that your book is done, well the content anyway 😁, you should have a title as well and sub-title.

Jarvis can help you with this too and through the whole book writing process you should have plenty of ammo to work with.

Then hire a graphic designer to create a book title if you want, or a service like 99designs... You can also use a free template on and changes the colors and copy to match the tone you desire.

8. Publish

Go to which is Kindle Direct Publishing. Sign in and select the book type you want. I chose paperback to start and then once submitted for publishing, added the Kindle eBook version which took 30 seconds after.

Publish your book on Amazon Kindle
Publish your book on Amazon Kindle

You have options to add your book title, subtitle, edition number, author name, contributors and a DESCRIPTION (which appears on the listing once live, and should provide info on the author and the book).

Select publishing rights and then add up to 7 keywords you want. You can do basic keyword research on Amazon using the search bar to find what people are searching for, or more in depth tools like for professional software that digs into the search volume and competition around keywords you will launch with. This is more important if you want to rank for a keyword and gain status as a best seller - alongside this, you select 2 categories you will list your book in. If you get enough sales and reviews out the gate, you can become a category best seller. Woohoo!

Choose keywords that describe your book
Choose keywords that describe your book

Continue through this process, select your book cover, style, add in the content for the back of the book, front of the book, and then what royalty program you will be on.

You will also need to upload the manuscript which Amazon gives you templates for. Determine what size book you want to print a paperback in and transfer over/format your google doc content to fit the paperback size. Amazon provides clear instruction here

When all is done, submit for publishing and Amazon says it may take up to 72 hours to approve. If paperback is first, upload a Kindle which appeared to be much faster approval, usually less than an hour.

Now you have published a book on Amazon. Yay!